Rebase and 1stBase liquidity incentives called “Volcanoes” are based on Ampleforth’s Geyser v2 contracts. The Volcano is the rewards pool for providing liquidity for the Rebase and 1stBase token. Token supply goes to Volcanoes which are distributed over time to all LP token stakers.

Tokens in all Rebase reward pools are automatically rebased as well, so you don’t have to do anything extra as your rewards accrue.

Volcano Guide:

Infusion (1stBase - USDC) Volcano

  1. Create a 1stBase – USDC LP position on Infusion https://infusion.finance/swap/

  2. Once you have your LP token for the 1stBase – USDC pair, head over to https://volcano.rebasebase.com/ to stake your LP token on the Infusion (1stBase – USDC) volcano

  3. Enter the amount you want to stake (or select “Max:)” and click Stake

  4. Sign and Confirm

  5. Done – you are now earning LP rewards in The Infusion Volcano

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